Small Business Administration Loans (SBA) Loans

These loans are provided by a bank and have a loan guarantee by the SBA.  Whatley Financial has strong relationships with a list of banks with slightly different loan appetites.  We estimate that loan closing will take place 60-75 days (often sooner) from an initial bank approval which takes a few business days.  That initial approval will depend on personal and business credit as well as documents you will submit based on a doc list we will provide.

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Commercial Real Estate Loans

We believe in moving quickly on all of our loans.  We can give you a preliminary estimate of the loan terms you can expect before we start requesting a full package of documents.  If you are a broker you likely have a property package showing physical attributes and financials for the property.  If you are an owner looking to refinance we can work with you to quickly get the information we need to give an estimate.  If we move forward, we will gather the documents and underwrite directly to the likely source of funds for the loan.  The source might be private, an insurance company, a REIT, CMBS, a pension fund or one of our banks in our network.

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Cash Advance/Revenue or Micro Loans

We have been active in this space for seven years and we think we have seen everything and you probably have to.  But we can’t change the past but know that with Whatley Financial you will be working with a company that wants to do business with you for life.  As a bonus we are very likable.  We are paid by the lender and charge no additional broker fee.

But we want to get you out of the CASH ADVANCE TRAP.  You need your cash now and we know that and we will make it happen fast.  But we will also begin a discussion about a more long-term solution to your needs such as an SBA loan.  We may need to refer you to credit repair (we make no referral fee) to get your personal credit score up into the range to qualify for an SBA or other loan.

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Our Mission

Whatley Financial wants to be the company you call when you need a loan.  We can only be that if we treat you honestly, fairly and with integrity.  In short, we do what we say we will do.  We might talk fast sometimes but we always act fast and get results fast.


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Contact us now at and you will quickly find that you are talking to an honest, financially knowledgeable and usually funny person here.